SmartHG customer benefits

The main benefits that SmartHG Platform can bring to our customer – DSOs are:

  • Reduction in maintenance and operation cost.
  • Improve Load Balance for grid and substation, and thus extend the lifecyle of grid components, specially the substation.
  • Optimisation in EDN operation and management.
  • Improve the image of the enterprise: be more green and environment friendly.

Benefits DSO

In specific, by using SmartHG Platform services for grid, DSOs can:

  • Shape demand for electricity by working with pricing policies
  • Obtain peak shaving and stress release for the substations, which slows down substations wearing and obtain saving stemming from T&D investment deferral
  • Monitor the low voltage grid more closely and control the grid more intelligently to balance central and local production with the growing demand
  • Test grid and test lab: possibilities for a DSO to carry out the testing and developing work in a safe testing environment
  • Contribute to the green city and reduction of GHG

Our Technical Section contains more details about quantitative evaluation of the SmartHG Platform.