Energy Bill Reduction (EBR) Service


The goal of the EBR service is to reduce the electrical energy costs of a given residential user, without modifying the user habits. To this aim, EBR runs as an automatic controller, at the user premises, for selected home appliances, namely a battery and a Plug-in Electrical Vehicle (PEV). The control actions decided by EBR consist in charge and/or discharge commands for both the battery and the PEV. EBR comes in multiple versions, which are able to:

  • compute the optimal battery dimensioning (in terms of capacity and power rate) for each home
  • control only one appliance, between the battery and the PEV, when one of the two is not present;
  • select different possible types of costs to be minimised:
    • transmission (i.e., try to stay inside the DAPP output power profiles), energy and CO2 costs;
    • energy and CO2 costs
    • only CO2 costs

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