Home Services

The goal for Home Services (Home Intelligent Automation Services, HIAS) is to reduce energy costs and consumption at the residential level. To this aim, they require as input data coming from Grid Services output (e.g., DAPP), residential users power profile, homes geographic location, homes-related information, etc.

As an output, their goal is to provide either a technology to directly control home appliances, or information to assist residential consumers to use electricity in an effective way. Furthermore, such goals must be achieved while preserving consumer privacy and confidentiality.

The HIASs include 3 services:




Energy Bill Reduction


Computes energy usage strategies that would minimise the energy bill of a household.

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Energy Usage Modelling and Forecasting


Acquires and predicts a model of the usage and local generation of energy in a household.

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Energy Usage Reduction


Identifies different energy saving opportunities of a household.

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