Residential user benefits

The main benefits that the SmartHG Platform can bring to the residential users are:

  • Energy usage optimisation
  • Energy bill reduction
  • Transparency and easy energy management

Benefits Home

In specific, by using the SmartHG Platform services for home, residential users can:

  • Monitor their energy consumption in an easy way, for example remotely using the smartphone
  • Optimise their energy usage without explicit involvement thanks to the automatic bill reduction strategy by exploiting the installed battery, Plug-in Electrical Vehicle, heat pump and other smart appliances
  • Energy cost saving percentage ranging from 3.1% to 18.6% (among all test-beds and storage configurations)
  • Receive suggestions on how to reduce their electrical energy usage regarding thermal appliances (heat pumps, …) and building components (improve insulation, …)
  • Contribute to the green city and reduction of GHG

Our Technical Section contains more details about quantitative evaluation of the SmartHG Platform.