Environmental benefits

The main environmental benefits that the SmartHG Platform can bring are:

  • Reduction in energy consumption
  • Reduction in CO2 emissions and GHG emission
  • Make the grid and electricity sector more energy efficient
  • Improve the image of the city/district: be more green and environment friendly

Benefits Environment

During the final evaluation of the SmartHG Platform, under several reference scenarios, it is estimated that CO2 emissions reduction per MWh (of demand) ranges from 7.2 kg/MWh (for Minsk test-bed, with BU storage configuration which is controllable Battery and uncontrollable PEV) to 47.4 kg/MWh (in Svebølle test-bed, with BD storage configuration which is controllable Battery and controllable PEV both charge and discharge). See Economic and Environmental Evaluation for more details.

Our Technical Section contains more details about quantitative evaluation of the SmartHG Platform.